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WDGRPodcast: Will and Drew's Gaming Retrospective

Mar 25, 2020

It's the end of the world as we know it!

Will and Drew are hunkered down in self-isolation the best they can be. Thankfully, there's plenty of games to keep them busy. Will's diving into God of War, while Drew plays Doom 64 while patiently awaiting his copy of Doom: Eternal. 

Plus, the two chat about the Coronavirus...

Mar 18, 2020

Drew woke up literally minutes before pressing record, so Will hosts this episode! The duo chats about the FF7 Remake Demo a bit more, Will getting peer pressured into buying God of War, E3 getting cancelled, the Coronavirus, and Drew losing his shit over the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

Find everything we...

Mar 11, 2020

Will has dove into the FF7 Remake Demo head-first, while Drew revisits the demo for a second time to try out Classic Mode. Plus, Will rediscovers Tetris Effect, and the duo tackles more listener mail!

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"Cyborg Ninja" Kevin MacLeod...

Mar 4, 2020

Will and Drew dive back into the mailbag and tackle hard hitting questions about the Coronavirus, new consoles, and pretentious hipster gaming opinions. Plus, Drew has played the FF7 Remake Demo, Will bought Battlefield 5, Drew grabbed Civ VI, and much more!

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