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WDGRPodcast: Will and Drew's Gaming Retrospective

Nov 29, 2019

The Episode 50 festivities continue!

Join our gaming family as we chat about arcades, favorite systems, and so much more. Special thanks to Dave, Damien, Vic and Vency for being a part of our special episode!

If you haven't already heard episode 50 and episode 51, make sure you check that those first before listening...

Nov 22, 2019

NSFW Alert: We get a little more vulgar than usual in this one.

Will and Drew continue the episode 50 festivities with their panel of experts best friends. Joined by Damien, Dave, Vency and Vic, the six chat about their favorite games ever, what they're looking forward to, getting punched by a wall of dicks in Destiny,...

Nov 15, 2019

It's Episode 50!

Recorded on November 6th, Will and Drew bring in four of their closest friends for a night of fun and laughter as they talk about their favorite pastime - video games! Join in as Damien, Dave, Vency and Vic tell Will and Drew what they've been playing, how they feel about modern games, and so much...

Nov 8, 2019


Death Stranding comes out the day this episode is released. Will is pumped. Drew is underwhelmed. The two break down the build and hype for the game as reviews hit the internet. Can Will sway Drew's opinion?

Plus, the two dream of going to Scotland, chat about games that feel like work, The Farmer's Almanac (?) and...

Nov 1, 2019


After a decent amount of peer pressure from the Discord chat, Will decided to pick up a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the PS4. How has his experience been so far? And what kept him from playing right away?

Plus, Drew's been playing Dead Cells in his limited free time. What does he think of the acclaimed...