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WDGRPodcast: Will and Drew's Gaming Retrospective

Nov 25, 2018

Will and Drew are recording on the day after Thanksgiving, so they're still digesting their meals and recovering from the deals. But is Black Friday all it's cracked up to be for gamers?

Plus, Will and Drew take a look at some indy games that are short but incredible - perfect for an adult gamer lifestyle. Which games...

Nov 18, 2018

Sony has announced they will not be attending E3 this year. Will and Drew are shocked and dismayed by the announcement. What does this mean? Is it the end of the world?

Plus, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Will and Drew break down our - and your - favorite games to play with the family around Thanksgiving...

Nov 12, 2018

Will and Drew are back again for another episode, and there's a ton to talk about. Is Sony phoning it in on the PlayStation Classic? Is there too much to do in Red Dead Redemption 2? Do open world games bore us? And, why does Drew choose to emulate when he also collects?

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Nov 4, 2018

Everything has a beginning, right? Well, this is the beginning of the show! Learn about how Will and Drew got into gaming, and hear stories about how Will went on a buying spree to play X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

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